TradeBridge Programme


TradeBridge Programme –
What makes us different?

The TradeBridge Programme serves to empower trade and investment between the South East regions of Ireland and Georgia, USA by developing new export markets and job creation opportunities in both regions.

This innovative trade corridor enables South East based Irish companies to establish a supportive base in the US market via the South East region of Georgia, while also creating a bridge to enable South East Georgia based companies to enter the EU marketplace.

This unique Irish-American programme assists businesses on both sides of the Atlantic to evaluate the opportunities, assess the fit, establish a base in a supportive environment and open doors to prospective customers and partners.

If you are an Irish company based in the South East and considering entering the US market, or a South East based Georgia company looking to enter the EU market, TradeBridge can help, whether this is an immediate requirement, as part of a medium-term strategy or as a longer-term aspiration for your business.

  • TradeBridge is a not-for-profit trade development programme funded by Enterprise Ireland and the five local authorities in the South East of Ireland.
  • TradeBridge is a collaboration of Industry, Government and Academia.
  • TradeBridge is an Irish-American trade alliance, which can provide a bespoke approach to opening new markets for your company.
  • TradeBridge, in partnership with economic agencies in South East Georgia, assists companies in the South East of Ireland who wish to expand into the US market, by providing a ‘soft landing’ in a supportive environment.
  • TradeBridge can open doors for your business by facilitating access to senior level business connections through our partners.
  • TradeBridge is actively managing a transatlantic internship programme with Georgia Southern University and the South East Technological University to provide an enriched and valuable learning and cultural experience for our regions’ third level students.
Savannah, Georgia, USA.
Trinty Wharf (image © O’Leary Sludds Architects Ltd.) Wexford, Ireland.
Abbey Quarter (CGI for indicative purposes), Kilkenny, Ireland.